The extra virgin olive oil DIA has a century of history because it comes from olive groves that belong to the same family since 1911. In a land like Sicily where agriculture is mostly family-run, this means continuity of method, assiduity of care, product quality.

Love and passion in the cultivation of olive trees, handed down from generation to generation, make extra virgin olive oil. Give an oil with a unique and inimitable taste.

It is an extra virgin extracted from a generous olive, table olive oil and oil, which has its habitat in this territory. Stefano Dia maintains the family management of the company respecting the good local traditions: the green olive harvest, the hand-picking and the milling in the day are the main ones, and guarantee the oil the unmistakable fragrance and its typical fruity notes. Then there are the treatments that require the plants during the year: a careful pruning, organic fertilization, irrigation in the dry months.

The main organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil Dia are the green-yellow color, the fruity flavor with bitter and spicy notes, and the fresh herbaceous scent with tonnes of tomato and artichoke. The extra virgin oil Dia is a pure food, ideal raw on roast meat, vegetables, grilled fish and all kinds of salads. Equipped with remarkable antioxidant qualities, it is an extremely genuine product.

The excellence of body, fragrance and color of the extra virgin olive oil Dia is due to ten essential quality factors:

  • Excellent in cooking due to its strong resistance to high temperatures
  • The exclusive natural properties of the renowned Nocellara del Belice cultivar, unique in the world.
  • The varied and unspoiled habitat in which the olive trees live.
  • The optimal pedological correspondence of the olive fields.
  • The early harvest, from the very first days of October, by hand-picking, which ensures an absolutely intact product, immune to version.
  • The use of small baskets, which prevent the crushing of the olives in the lower layers.
  • The immediate transfer to the mill and the immediate milling, within 12 hours, of the lots collected.
  • The cold extraction process, which does not dissolve the volatile essences.
  • The absolute hygiene of the working process, which eliminates leaves and impurities.
  • The natural decantation, without any filtering, which completely preserves the exquisite organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oil Dia.