Organic Olive Oil – 0.10 litre bottle


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The excellence of body, fragrance and color of the extra virgin olive oil Dia is due to ten essential quality factors:

  • Excellent in cooking due to its strong resistance to high temperatures
  • The exclusive natural properties of the renowned Nocellara del Belice cultivar, unique in the world.
  • The varied and unspoiled habitat in which the olive trees live.
  • The optimal pedological correspondence of the olive fields.
  • The early harvest, from the very first days of October, by hand-picking, which ensures an absolutely intact product, immune to version.
  • The use of small baskets, which prevent the crushing of the olives in the lower layers.
  • The immediate transfer to the mill and the immediate milling, within 12 hours, of the lots collected.
  • The cold extraction process, which does not dissolve the volatile essences.
  • The absolute hygiene of the working process, which eliminates leaves and impurities.
  • The natural decantation, without any filtering, which completely preserves the exquisite organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oil Dia.


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